Arturo Albuerne

Senior Filmmaker and Video Manager

My name is Arturo Albuerne, iʼm from Mexico City, I graduated from Graphic Design, I have a Master in Cinematography from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2010 I have had various jobs, that goes from Graphic, Graphic Design, Muralist, Illustrator, Copy Writer, Filmmaker and Visual Artist.

I also worked as an Art Assistance for TV Commercials in Argentina, Germany and Brazil. In México city I worked on the settings of several restaurants and business, also as a Fashion Designer and Artistic Photographer.

My work covers 6 countries, providing a cultural diversity to my lifestyle. Now i have my own Wedding Filmmaking and Advertising Company, doing more than 680 Weddings for brides from all over the world, i have the experience to make your wedding video extremely beautiful but more important, professional. If you choose me as your Wedding Videographer I will do my best, putting all my heart and experience.


Senior Photographer and Photography Manager

I was born in Santander, Colombia where studied Visual Arts for 5 years. Back in 2008 I left Colombia to find a Paradise where I can live doing what I love: To photograph the essence of people. Iʼm a very sensitive person that have Photographed more than 600 love stories from couples from all around the world, that have trusted on my extense background and skills as an Artist “story-teller” If you choose me as your Photographer I will capture your story with my soul, heart and unique vision (and “special” sense of humor).

Iʼm in love with my wonderful wife Connie who is also part of Albuerne Studio. Iʼm actually also a “daddy cool” (my Teenager son “Jose Pablo” can testify that).  I also love my three dogs (Catrina, Chavela, and El Patrón), my pet bird “Vicente”, Capoeira, Seafood, Burgers… and of course: BEING IN LOVE!



My name is Pedro, I am a self-taught Visual Artist, I have advanced courses in Advertising and Digital Marketing in Venezuela.

Since 2011 I have worked in several jobs, from Advertising, Digital Marketing, Audiovisual Director, Design, Production, Film and Visual Artist.

I also worked as Second Camera for Fashion Commercials in Venezuela and Colombia.

As Photographer i have worked for restaurants, business and extreme sports such as surfing.

I worked as a Photographer for sports magazines RIPEANDO MAG and ALLTERRAIN I have more than 7 years of experience in Audiovisual Arts, always with great attitude and Good Vibes


If you choose me as your Wedding Videographer, I will do my best to capture that special day as it is your union.



My background in Mass Media studies in Mexico City took me into Photography,

Film and Editing. I have developed different projects such ass: Video Documentaries, Cinematography Production, Portrait, Sports, and Wedding Photography. I have also recently extended to Underwater Photo and Video. I have specialized in Wedding Filming & Photography and enjoy doing this for couples that comes to Riviera Maya to get married.

It will be a pleasure to work for you at your wedding!


Photographer & Underwater Photographer

I was born and raised in Concordia, Argentina.

In my free time i shoot crazy out-of-this-world underwater photos, practice Martial Arts and enjoy making some home-made lasagna with a good glass of champagne.

I have being always fascinated by art and beauty, my passion for photography took me to many places around the world but i decided to make Riviera Maya, Mexico my home.

This is where i have worked hand-in-hand with some of the most experienced photographers in the area to deliver the most emotional and vibrant wedding stories.

My style, charisma, reputation and more than 10 years of experience speak for themselves.

My work has a perfect combination of art and spontaneity.

I capture the “magic” of emotions, i have  the ability to connect and immortalize precious moments.

I will love to hear from you!!!


Community Manager & Filmmaker

I am a professional dancer of various dance techniques such as ballet, contemporary, aerial dance among many others.

When I moved to the Riviera Maya I started working in the media of video and weddings with my husband Arturo Albuerne (Senior filmmaker and main video manager) of second camera at weddings.

Iʼm very creative and I love challenges, for that reason iʼm the community manager of Albuerne Studio , also I’m in charge of the sales area.

I consider myself a very empathetic and big-hearted person, so talking to the couples who come to us for capturing and documenting  one of the most important days of their lifes makes my work incredible.

It will be a pleasure to listen how you want your wedding to be remember and offer you the best team for your big day!


Sales & Team Manager

I am Nestorʼs wife (senior photographer) and also the sweetest Team Manager the company can possibly have!

I take care of the whole team with “mother love” and make sure we never forget any detail on the whole work-flow process. Also i take care of all the accounts and numbers and even sometimes i go to the field as designated driver or assistant. I was born in  Manizales, Colombia: Colombiaʼs Coffee Zone. I am a very sensitive person with a golden heart that loves family such as my nephew Federico and my pets (Also Nestorʼs Pets). I miss a lot Colombian food! 

You will fall in love with me as soon as i takes care of Coordinating all the details for your Wedding day!